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Absolutely horrendous ! If there could be negative start I would leave minus 5 stars ! This company is a disaster, believe every negative review you read, DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY I ordered two doors, one being a dutch door. Door was delivered in pieces so I had not idea they built in wrong ! Yes they build a dutch door to open on the bottom! Yup, that's right, a dutch door that opens on the bottom ! I called them and got nothing but the... Read more

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ETO Doors - Horrible product.  Even worse customer service
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I ordered 2 solid mahogany doors from them and received cheap Chinese doors made of Palm wood. Not only were the doors not solid mahogany, they weren't even solid wood. I was told that the lead time on these doors was 6-8 weeks. The doors arrived over a month late and are useless. They gave some lame excuse about their machine being broken and that the doors were coming from overseas. They did not respond to multiple emails and calls. The... Read more

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Never Ever order from ETO!!! I purchased a custom door that was LOST in shipping due to wrong address that production placed on door. I live in Columbus Ohio and door was headed to IRONDALE AL!!! Customer service acted as if my frustration was unwarranted!!! After 2 weeks floating between California and Georgia and a train...I received the door only to learn it was 2 inches too wide FOR A BRICK HOUSE!!! Contacted ETO FILED A CLAIM PROVIDED VIDEO... Read more

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Ordered ten doos; had them shipped to mountain building site in Tennessee. No problems, no defects, reasonably priced even after adding shipping costs (I choose all Clearance doors). Ask for Jural.

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  • Jul 19, 2015
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I was told that I would receive my 1 door slab in 7-10 business days. It has been over 30! Customer service (which is 1 person) never returns my calls. I was also charged in full for the door on the day of purchase. Most trustworthy companies don't charge until item has shipped. Buyers beware!

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After seeing ETO's website I felt confident in ordering our new front door. A simple two-panel shaker that was implied it was in stock yet, I waited over six weeks for it. Upon its arrival I noticed a crack approximately six inches long. Upon further investigation there was more damage on the door, the frame was cracked and three out of four hinge areas has gouges out of the door beyond repair. I quickly noted on the receipt the damage and took... Read more

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So about 2-3 months ago i contacted we needed a long gate 19-20ft across, i got through there sales guy Darrell Johnson ETO Garage Doors Los Angeles: 1340 E. 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021 I was given a price quote and everything was good, Darrel told me that he would email me a door with installation estimate but i never received it, so i waited a day or two and still nothing, so i decided to call back and see what was going... Read more

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I purchased and installed a large residential entry door unit. It was installed and sealed to there specifications. Just 14months after delivery the door has excessively warped and shrunk. I called ETO customer service and they said since one year had passed, the door was no longer under warranty and they would not do anything to help with replacement. The customer service person was rude and insisted that it was an improper installation. I... Read more

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I bought all my house doors here. They offered solid wood doors and they weren't but hollow doors with cheap finishes which are already peeling. They never answer emails, the "owner" finally called saying he was going to solve the problem and he didn't. He just never called again. Doors look nice on first sight but they are noy what I paid for. It is like buying a gold chain and getting a gold plated one. This company is a fraud! I will... Read more

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I ordered a beautiful door in 2008 from ETO. It did not fit perfectly, but it was so beautiful I overlooked the fact that I could see thru the edges by the weather stripping. In fact, living in Michigan, occasionally I would get frost on the hinges and the bottom of the door, on the inside!! Again, I justified that a little fresh air is a good thing! We are building a new home, and I decided on the exact same door. Unfortunately when this one... Read more

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